Lean In the Fast Lane

MassMEP believes there are three elements needed to improve operational efficiency and sustain continuous improvement programs: Teamwork, Problem Solving and Job Instructions. If you have identified these elements, then this unique MassMEP training session will assist you in its realization. If you do not yet have a target, then this training will help lead the discovery.


Teamwork: “Pit Crew Teams” are timed and measured performing an actual two – tire change on the race car. They experience the “normal” roadblocks that all companies experience on a daily basis. Teams are expected to solve these problems, create new standard work and demonstrate continuous improvement in a competitive environment. Throughout the 6 rounds, team members learn to improve communication methods and gain an understanding of how working together can improve productivity and morale.

Problem Solving: “Pit Crew Teams” will be introduced to Improvement Kata, a technique using PDCA to meet challenging goals. Teams then learn how to avoid the “Whack-a-Mole” method of problem solving in a “Puzzle Making Exercise” designed to foster the 4-step scientific method. The lessons learned here can be applied to the tire change and can be carried over to your shop floor as the tool for daily improvement and employee engagement.